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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic,  many individuals are now facing issues such as insomnia, stress and anxiety. The lack of opportunities for travel, financial burden and familial disagreement are creating negative emotions in our society. Determined to help people go through difficult times in life, Anne is the Director of the Macau Himalaya Singing Bowl Therapy Workshop and works tirelessly to provide personalized healing treatment using vibrational energy for distressed souls.
“70% of the human body is made of water. The singing bowl penetrates the body with its sound and cleanses the aura of an individual.
Through relaxation methods, the mind enters into a meditative stage and negative energy will then be released. My clients include those with cancer, women and man who just ended an relationship, and others who are just overworked and overwhelmed with life, So far the feedback has been very positive,” she says.
A sanctuary for spiritual healing, Anne’s workshop provides a private space for reflection and relaxation. Various yoga classes and spiritual study groups are also available for city dwellers to join and get a taste of blissful endeavors. IS

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