WELLNESS | Winter skin miracle

Environmental factors such as low humidity and ultra violet rays affect the texture of skin in various manners. During winter, skin can easily become dull and lack luminosity. To improve tone and moisture level, innovative skin care brand Ceramiracle has several products that brighten and hydrate from the inside out. Well known for their supplements that can improve skin tone in a matter of days, Ceramiracle’s signature skin brightening supplement True Bright features white tomato and sakura exact to provide antioxidants to the body. After taking the pills for just a number of days, skin tone is transformed.
In addition, the brand’s Advanced Brightening Complex Serum uses a natural complex to enhance skin luminosity without harsh acids. The formula contains skin friendly elements such as nicotinamide and liquorice, which is extremely gentle and could be applied even on sensitive skin. For hydration, Ceramiracle’s First Light serum includes cutting-edge plant-based phytosqualane and wheat ceramides to coat the skin with a layer of light-weight moisture. When used in combination, the three products can indeed enable one to achieve the flawless skin look.

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