Women’s Federation announces run for AL Election

The Women’s General Association of Macau will once again join hands with allies to run in the Legislative Election (AL), Ho Teng Iat, president of the association, has recently announced at a press gathering.
Four years ago, the entities ran in a list called “Brilliant Home Federation.” The election brought lawmaker Wong Kit Cheng into the parliament.
Ho justified running as hoping to present issues and requests related to women and children, in addition to improving the standard of women participating in politics.
She further introduced that the association has more than 47,000 members and 23 direct subsidiaries, as well as 17 organizational members and associations inaugurated by the association.
The association president revealed that the association will set up offices and community points of services in Guangdong Province, as an apparatus to follow and support the country’s development strategy.
It also hopes to construct a platform for women to immerse in the Greater Bay Area (GBA).
The association will also work with counterparts in the GBA to conduct research into the status quo of women in the area. Sisterhood ties will also be made within the area. AL

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