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China The death toll from a typhoon in eastern China has risen to 45, with an estimated 16 people missing. Five people have died and seven remain missing in Shandong province after Typhoon Lekima traveled up the eastern seaboard.

Malaysia A shaman joined police from Ireland, France and the U.K. yesterday in the search for a 15 – year-old London girl who mysteriously vanished from a nature resort eight days ago, as her parents offered a cash reward and appealed for information.

Myanmar The death toll in a landslide that buried more than a dozen village houses in southeastern Myanmar has climbed to 56, an official said yesterday.

Kashmir Troops in India-administered Kashmir allowed some Muslims to walk to local mosques alone or in pairs to pray for the Eid al-Adha festival yesterday during an unprecedented security lockdown that still forced most people in the disputed region to stay indoors on the Islamic holy day.

Turkmenistan Five countries bordering the energy-rich Caspian Sea met yesterday at an economic forum hosted by Turkmenistan in a bid to agree on how to divide the region’s oil wealth.

Mexico The government has auctioned off the mansion of a Chinese-Mexican businessman facing drug trafficking charges. Video posted on the website of the newspaper El Universal shows the Mexico City mansion selling for USD5.25 million, slightly above the minimum asking price of $5 million.

Geneva Swiss police say they have detained a German man in connection with a backpack filled with fake pipe bombs found near the route of a large techno music parade in Zurich on Saturday.

Croatia Officials in Croatia say two South Korean tourists have been found dead in a river at a national park in the southeast of the country.

Norway A suspected gunman accused of an attempted terrorist attack on an Oslo mosque and separately killing his teenage stepsister appeared in court yesterday for a hearing, but his defense lawyer said he “will use his right not to explain himself for now.”

Russia The failed missile test that ended in an explosion killing five scientists last week on Russia’s White Sea involved a small nuclear reactor, according to a top official at the institute where they worked.

USA A day care center where children could stay overnight as their parents worked was ravaged by a fire that killed five and sent the owner to the hospital, authorities said.

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