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PHILIPPINES A tropical depression dumped heavy rain on the Philippines yesterday, flooding metropolitan Manila and nearby provinces and causing landslides and flash floods that killed at least four people. Financial markets, government offices and schools were closed and at least 21 flights were canceled or diverted.

CAMBODIA-US The U.S. ambassador to Cambodia yesterday denied allegations by Prime Minister Hun Sen that Washington is seeking to oust his government, and warned that Cambodia is doing itself damage internationally with its anti-America campaign.

MYANMAR-BENGLADESH The Bangladeshi prime minister demanded yesterday that Myanmar allow the return of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled recent violence in the Buddhist-majority nation — a crisis she said left her speechless. 

ISRAEL-IRAN A top deputy to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli leader must push President Donald Trump to freeze, change or cancel the international community’s nuclear deal with Iran during an upcoming trip to the United States.

SYRIA Opposition activists and witnesses said yesterday that several thousand Syrians stranded on the border with Jordan have fled one makeshift camp for another, running from shelling and nearby fighting between Syrian rebels and government forces.

TURKEY’s state-run news agency says authorities have issued detention warrants for 63 people, mostly ex-intelligence agency workers, for alleged ties to the U.S.-based Muslim cleric accused of masterminding last year’s failed coup attempt.

FRANCE Eiffel Tower employees planned a walkout, angry carnival workers snarled traffic around Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, and Paris police girded for potential violence as unions and others held nationwide protests yesterday against changes to labor laws they fear corrode job security.

ZIMBABWE Representatives of Zimbabwe’s first lady say a young woman who accused her of assault was the actual aggressor, allegedly attacking Grace Mugabe with a knife while drunk, according to a court document filed in South Africa.

MEXICO The death toll from Mexico’s 8.1 magnitude earthquake has risen to 96 as more victims were confirmed in the hard-hit southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

PERU’s government has declared North Korea’s ambassador persona non grata and given him five days to leave the nation in retaliation for the Asian country’s recent nuclear test blast.

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