Wynn Eagerly Propels Community Revitalization

Wynn proactively cooperates with the Macao SAR Government’s “1+4” moderate economic diversification strategy, working with different stakeholders in the community to progressively propel the development of non-gaming projects and community tourism. One such example of this can be found on Rua da Felicidade, an old street at the core of the Macao Peninsula that overflows with history and culture, and the “Pedestrian Zone” project that Wynn has implemented there exemplifies the company’s initiative of combining history with the advancement of “community tourism”, as well as facilitating the spread of local culture on an international scale and intensify and enrich the city’s cultural and tourism experience for visitors.

International sport stars enjoyed the pedestrian zone with other visitors

Creating a Brand-New Experience with Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone

The “Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone,” jointly developed by Wynn and the Macao SAR Government, started its pilot period on 29 September and since then it has breathed new life into the community with the theme of innovation and heritage. Though the core of the pedestrian zone project focuses on Rua da Felicidade, the project also extends to cover Travessa do Mastro, Travessa do Aterro Novo, Rua do Matapau, and Travessa de Hó Lo Quai, thereby maximizing the collateral benefits for all to enjoy.

As the first enterprise to collaborate with the SAR Government in revitalizing historical districts, Wynn has fully utilized its own advantages, including resources and business expertise, to enrich the cultural and tourism elements of Rua da Felicidade, such as elevating the street atmosphere and introducing large-scale art installations, a cultural market, art and cultural activities, an interactive check-in game, and a night market experience. By creating a vibrant and artistic atmosphere filled with cultural and tourism experiences, the project attracts tourists to visit the community, unleashes new vitality in the old street, drives community tourism, and boosts the economy of the entire central district.

Local cultural and creative brands were invited to open stalls in the daytime cultural market

Backing SME Market Development

During the pilot period of the project, Wynn collaborated with the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau to organize a daytime cultural market in the district and invited many local brands to sell and display local cultural and creative products and handicrafts to increase business opportunities for SMEs.

Furthermore, to enhance SME interactivity and marketing opportunities Wynn also developed a WeChat mini program to connect key areas within the business district; taking Rua da Felicidade as the core, the mini program links approximately 60 check-in points located at landmarks and businesses in key tourist areas. These check-in signs provide QR codes that offer visitors a chance to win prizes from shops and daytime market stalls around Rua da Felicidade, and cash vouchers from a total of 40 SMEs. Wynn also partnered with MPay to invite SMEs in the area to join the community spending promotions., adding an extra level of excitement and satisfaction which encourages even more people to visit.

Embellished lanterns illuminated the prosperous and festive atmosphere in Rua da Felicidade

Bringing International Sport Stars Together

Five world-class sport stars made appearances in Rua da Felicidade, including the seven-time snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan; renowned English snooker player, Jimmy “Whirlwind” White; Gold Badge Referee of the International Heyball Pool Association, June Wang; the first-ever Chinese F1 driver Ma Qinghua; and golf prodigy Rose Zhang. They enjoyed a lively, festive, and creative atmosphere as they visited local SMEs, markets, and tourist attractions in the area; savored the exquisite cuisine and fine wines produced by Wynn; and took photos with visitors in the elegant and charming streets.

“Back to Rua da Felicidade” theater introduced the public to the elegance of the street

Night Market to Invigorate Nighttime Economy

Night tourism can enhance Macao’s tourism industry and encourage visitors to prolong their stay and spend more. To further leverage this aspect, Wynn installed embellished lanterns and moon rabbit installations along Rua da Felicidade during the Mid-Autumn Festival to complement its unique cultural ambience and create a prosperous and festive atmosphere for residents and visitors.

But what are festivities without great food? Macao is renowned for being a “City of Gastronomy” in addition to its abundant art and culture, so to enrich the nighttime experience of the Rua da Felicidade community, Wynn set up a roadside bar and food trucks in the market and provide colorful tables for public use along the street, assisting the neighborhood to gradually develop a unique night market ambience.

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