Wynn Volunteer Team Celebrates 10-Fold Scale Up at its 10th Anniversary

As a local enterprise deeply rooted in Macao, Wynn has always been committed to giving back to the community by actively promoting and encouraging team members to participate in various activities and volunteer initiatives. Since its establishment in 2010, the Wynn Employees (WE) Volunteer Team has continued to work in unison with local charities and social service organizations to help vulnerable groups and support those in need. What started out ten years ago as a small group of dedicated and passionate individuals has now grown into a volunteer organization with more than 2,600 members who have selflessly provided a cumulative total of over 50,000 hours of community service.
Last month, Wynn held the “WE Volunteer 10th Anniversary Double Appreciation Charity Fun Fair” to celebrate another year of exemplary work by the WE Volunteer Team. The event featured nearly 30 social service organizations who were invited to set up game booths and participate in a range of performances, and many volunteers, community partners and members of the general public gathered together to celebrate this important milestone. The fun fair also featured charity sale booths and charity prize vouchers to raise funds for the “Walk For A Million” event, and some local charities and social service organizations.

Community Support During the Pandemic Outbreak
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Wynn has donated a total of MOP 5 million in support of local SMEs, social enterprises, social service organizations and disadvantaged groups in the city which have been most affected. Furthermore, in coordination with the Social Welfare Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, Wynn donated anti-pandemic supplies to over 50 institutions and community organizations, including residential homes, facilities for children and youths, temporary shelters, drug treatment centers, and nurseries.
The WE Volunteer Team has always prioritized single elderly people. In March last year, the team visited the “Peng On Tung” Tele-assistance Service Centre of Macau, and since then has successfully provided emotional support and counselling over the phone for nearly 2,000 Peng On Tung users, spending time to understand their living conditions and how to help them better prevent against Covid-19 infection, thereby supporting the Centre in its hour of need to resolve the manpower shortage caused by the pandemic.
As the academic year commenced in September last year, the WE Volunteer Team were concerned for the safety of Macao’s school children and arranged a visit to Escola de S. Jose Ka Ho to hand out Made In Macau reusable face masks, and helped clean the school to ensure that the students have a comfortable environment to study in. An additional and unexpected surprise came when the volunteers donated over 600 books and electronic devices to the school’s library in hopes of promoting the joy of reading and learning amongst students.

Focus on Art Training for Children with Disabilities
The Macau Association For The Mentally Handicapped is a long-term partner of Wynn. This year, paintings created by the association’s students have been integrated into Wynn’s 2021 calendar, where it is hoped that they will inspire the public to better understand the diverse imagination and creativity that mentally handicapped people possess, and through this recognition and acceptance, promote their harmonious integration into the community. Last month, the WE Volunteer Team held a calendar charity sale in the back of house area and donated all the charity money to The Macau Association For The Mentally Handicapped to support and improve their art programs.

Supporting Macau Special Olympics to Promote Sports Inclusion
To facilitate social inclusion, Wynn often organizes various sports activities in cooperation with social service organizations; these activities include football matches, bowling games, basketball games and charity runs. Wynn has also sponsored the annual basketball event hosted by the Macau Special Olympics (MSO) for 7 consecutive years. Last year’s event was participated in by more than 100 MSO members and their families, which aimed at training the hand, eye, and body coordination of MSO members with various levels of disability, and inspired them to further develop their sporting potential. It also provided an opportunity for members to further integrate into society, with the hope of promoting a harmonious society that respects and cherishes members of the community who are disabled.

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