Wynn’s Ceaseless Efforts to Nurture the Next Generation of Talent

41 trainees celebrate the successful milestone of completing Wynn Career Experience Program.

Since first establishing its presence in Macao, Wynn has consistently supported the development of local talent. Upholding the spirit of the SAR Government’s policy of “Building Macao through nurturing talents,” Wynn continues to invest resources in providing locals with comprehensive training and promotion opportunities. In doing so, industry elites are encouraged to continually improve their vocational skills, cultivate more outstanding talents for the future development of diversified industries in Macao, and actively promote the sustainable development of Macao as a world center of tourism and leisure.

Wynn is proud to support the students of Pui Ching Middle School to participate in the “2020 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition”.

Nurturing local youth to become future leaders

Rooted in a longstanding partnership, Wynn collaborates with the Labour Affairs Bureau on its Career Experience Program, which aims to nurture local young talents for the hospitality industry. To this end, a new batch of interns joined the Hotel Operations, Food and Beverage, Human Resources, Retail, Facilities, and Information Technology departments at Wynn on 30 August 2021.

The graduation ceremony was witnessed by Wynn management and honored guests from the Labour Affairs Bureau, including Director Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Deputy Director Mr. Chan Un Tong, and Head of Employment Department Ms. Lei Lai Keng, where 41 trainees celebrated the successful milestone of completing three months of hands-on training. It is a testimony to the program’s success that seventy percent of the graduates have now entered full-time employment with Wynn.

Wynn makes a donation of MOP 80 million to support the ongoing development of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management.

Encouraging students to participate in international competitions

Wynn is committed to making ongoing contributions to education and was proud to support the teachers and students of Pui Ching Middle School Macau in forming teams to participate in the “2020 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition,” an international cross-disciplinary science competition that sees over 500 universities and secondary school teams around the world presenting their research results online. 

The Pui Ching Middle School Macau team developed an “artificial protein” from an eco-friendly synthesis of refractory materials, which helps to reduce environmental pollution. The innovation was so highly regarded that it was awarded the gold medal in the event’s High School Track category. 

In addition to sponsoring the team’s funding, Wynn also provided valuable technical and industry advice for the students so that they could successfully achieve their research goals as well as cultivate more professional talents for the future of Macao and the Bay Area.

Wynn donates MOP3 million to the Macau University of Science and Technology to fund their high-level talents program.

Supporting local tertiary education institutions

Extending one of the company’s most significant corporate social responsibility initiatives, Wynn has made a donation of MOP 80 million to the University of Macau Development Foundation. The contribution will support the ongoing development of the University of Macau and its Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM). This Academy promotes interdisciplinary cooperation with the ultimate goal of stimulating interdisciplinary research that has significant implications for the socio-economic development of Macao and the Greater Bay Area.

In early 2021, the APAEM hosted the “Smart Tourism Symposium 2021: Macau Smart City Initiative – Opportunities and Challenges for the Tourism Industry,” and invited Ms. Linda Chen, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau, Limited, to share her experiences and insights on the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry, particularly in regard to industry-related development strategies in the post-pandemic era.

Attracting top-tier talents and leading regional  development

To further advance the SAR government’s strategy of recruiting and cultivating high-caliber researchers, Wynn has donated MOP 3 million to the Macau University of Science and Technology to fund their high-level talents program and support research and academic development during the academic year 2022/23.

The program focuses on four key industries including cultural tourism, finance, high-end manufacturing, and traditional Chinese medicine, with the goal of promoting technological innovation and academic exchange between Macao and Hengqin, and to facilitate the research and development of major international scientific projects.

Looking ahead, the University will continue to support the implementation and enhancement of innovative research as well as talent development. This will attract more international-quality talent, encourage teamwork, integrate resources, and promote diversity in academic development, thereby further enhancing the diversified and sustainable development of Macao’s economy.

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