Xi hears work report from Ho Iat Seng

President Xi Jinping yesterday heard a work report via video link from Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng on the SAR government’s work in 2020 and Macau’s current situation.
Xi highlighted the work of Ho and the SAR government to tame the Covid-19 epidemic in Macau in a “fairly short period.”
No new local infections have been reported in the city for more than 300 days, an “achievement highly appreciated by local society,” according to Xi.
“While preventing and controlling the Covid-19 epidemic, effective measures have been taken to restore the economy and overcome the people’s difficulties. These measures have achieved positive results and promoted social harmony in Macau,” Xi told Ho.
“The central authorities fully acknowledge the work you and the Macau SAR government have done,” Xi said.
He said the central authorities will continue to give full support to the SAR in coordinating epidemic response with economic and social development.
Meanwhile,Ho said he will continue to lead people in Macau to break “new ground for the practice of the ‘one country, two systems’ with Macau characteristics.” MDT /Xinhua

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