Xi Jinping meets with C.Y. Leung

CHINA-MACAO-XI JINPING-HONG KONG-LEUNG CHUN-YING-MEETING (CN)While in town to participate in MSAR’s 15th anniversary celebrations, president Xi Jinping also met with Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Mr Xi said that the central government has full trust in C.Y. Leung and his work. Both leaders attended a banquet in Macau to commemorate Macau’s handover to China 15 years ago. “The central government will, as always, support you and the SAR government in your work,” said president Xi at a meeting with C.Y. Leung, as quoted directly by CCTV English.
Xi added that over the past months, Hong Kong’s government and its police force have fulfilled their duty with courage, which has resulted in the improvement of the current situation. Moreover, the Chinese president said that the constitutional development in Hong Kong should be carried out according to the current conditions and under the “one country, two systems” principle.
C.Y. Leung said the HKSAR will unite and do its utmost to perform its duties well, promoting the constitutional development according to the law.

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