Youth workshop held to instill respect for heritage


The Judiciary Police (PJ) and the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) have collaborated on a one-day workshop to educate young people on the conservation of World Heritage architecture.
The workshop was conducted as part of the PJ’s long-term counter-delinquency program. The police said it was organized to promote knowledge and awareness about the conservation of cultural heritage in Macau among the youth. The workshop also covered the criminal liability that may result from damaging cultural relics.
The workshop also had a joint activity with the IC’s “Little Docent Program.” The program aims to train youth to become tour guides who can discuss the city’s cultural heritage with tourists.
The group of about 40 trainees gathered at the Ruins of St Paul’s, where trainees explained how the relics were protected.
Afterwards, the group attended a seminar hosted by the IC at the Macao Museum. The trainees were introduced to the work being done as part of the protection and management of cultural heritage in Macau. The provisions in the “Cultural Heritage Protection Law” were also introduced to the trainees.
The trainees from the PJ program were then taken on a docent tour led by IC program trainees. AL

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