Zhuhai authorities invest in electric vehicles

The Zhuhai government announced today that thirty percent of the cars it expects to buy in the coming years will be electric. The cars will be purchased and used by public service departments, the authorities added.
Macau’s neighboring city has also ordered some departments to install charging facilities and reserve specific parking spaces for such cars.
The company responsible for the installation of charging stations has also launched an application to help future electric car users locate available charging spots. The application enables online payments through a designated platform. The same company currently provides more than 100 charging stations throughout the city and expects to have a total of 200 allocated by 2017.
The Zhuhai government said that by using electric cars, its departments would set an example for the public to follow. Six chargers have already been installed at the government headquarters.
At the end of 2015, Zhuhai recorded a total of 2,021 electric vehicles, most of them in public usage, including buses, taxis, company cars and public rental cars.

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