Zhuhai | Enterprises offer CNY incentives to keep staff in town during holidays


Several enterprises in Doumen District, Zhuhai, just doled out special allowances for their employees to encourage them to stay in Zhuhai during the upcoming Spring Festival, according to a report by TDM. The moves aligned with the municipal government’s travel entreaty, which strongly advises residents and workers from other provinces in Zhuhai to avoid unnecessary travel during the festival.
Various financial incentives were rolled out by Zhuhai’s companies. They included an allowance of RMB300 for every employee working eight hours a day during the Lunar New Year. Some employees are entitled to a one-year extension of the validity period of annual leave. The Zhuhai government has urged the city’s enterprises to go the extra mile to compel their staff to stay put and also keep manufacturing processes going during the Spring Festival. Some staff reportedly did not leave Zhuhai during the previous Spring Festival due to Covid-19. This year will mark the second consecutive year they will not spend the festival with the family in their hometowns.
The enterprises in Zhuhai said that most staff have been supportive of and positive towards the proposal.
Earlier this month, the SAR government also released a travel advisory, urging foreign workers to spend the festival in Macau.
However, some local associations argued that a mere advisory would not be enough and suggested that more should be done to urge foreign workers to stay in Macau during the holidays.
Given that the cost of living and accommodation is relatively higher in Macau than in other mainland cities, some have suggested that local enterprises could offer accommodation subsidies as an incentive.

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