Zhuhai to pay for and build SSM’s Hengqin health center

The Zhuhai government will fund and build a health center for the Macau Health Bureau (SSM) in Hengqin, according to SSM deputy director Cheang Seng Ip.

During a TDM radio program, Cheang revealed that the SSM is currently discussing with the Hengqin government the establishment of an SSM health center in Hengqin.

Despite the fact that Zhuhai will pay for the construction, the center will be free for use for Macau residents.

According to Cheang, this center will occupy an area of 10,000 square feet and will mainly serve Macau residents who live in Hengqin.

Regarding the quality of the SSM Hengqin health center, Cheang claimed that the SSM has already submitted the requirements to Zhuhai, such as barrier-free access facilities. 

The center is expected to be completed within two to three years at the earliest. The launch of the center’s construction will be fully arranged by Zhuhai. 

Currently, Hengqin has approximately 4,000 properties purchased by Macau residents, with 300 Macau residents also holding a Hengqin residence permit, as reported by Cheang.

The SSM deputy director claimed that Zhuhai’s healthcare insurance is the most advanced across the entirety of China.

Furthermore, the SSM is discussing with the relevant mainland authorities how to let Macau people with Zhuhai residence permits purchase medical insurance in Zhuhai and access local medical services.

The local government will only decide how many people to send to the Hengqin health center after obtaining further information about the number of Macau residents who are also permanent residents in Zhuhai.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Zhuhai, Yao Yisheng, said that his city will carry out a study on the use of Macau healthcare coupons in Zhuhai. JZ

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