‘Sea of Mirrors’ being filmed in Macau

Thomas Lim

Thomas Lim

The film “Sea of Mirrors,” which has the particularity of being shot entirely on an iPhone 6S, is expected to commence filming in Macau tomorrow. The film is written, produced and directed by Singaporean-Chinese director Thomas Lim. It will star a cast of Macau, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean and Australian actors.
The shooting will take place entirely in Macau and is expected to continue throughout most of April.
It tells the story of a former Japanese actress, Riri Kondo, who travels to the MSAR with her young daughter to meet a rich investor who claims to be her fan, and is interested in investing in a movie with the former star as the lead.
She turns down the offer however once she realizes the investor’s true motivation is to coerce her into sexual relations, and her daughter is kidnapped in response, resulting in a helpless and desperate attempt to find the child before her growing obsession with the casino lights in the city pushes Riri to the brink of madness.
According to a statement from Island Man Pictures, the Singaporean-
based movie company behind the psychological thriller, the film will be shot entirely on an iPhone 6S as the director and producers believe this “would first and foremost suit the visual texture of the story.”
The film went without a title for many months during the writing process, until cinematographer Sam Voutas discovered that before the Portuguese settlement in the mid-16th century, Macau was known as “Jinghai” (“Mirror Sea”). The name resonated with director Thomas Lin as it reflected the theme of the story in “how we perceive the people we interact with everyday, [which] is but a mirror image of what we think of ourselves.”
The film is expected to premiere in the second half of 2017 or in early 2018. DB

benson: 1st time working with director lin

At the launch of her new Macau lifestyle magazine, actress Victoria Sally Benson told the Times that she is looking forward to the filming of “Sea of Mirrors”, which begins tomorrow. The Australian-born actress will portray “Isabel,” a flamboyant American actress whom the protagonist encounters during her journey. “I haven’t worked with Thomas Lin before,” she told the Times, “but we have been friends for about six or seven years. I took the opportunity [because] it’s a good script and I would be working with a good team.”
“As anyone will tell you, nothing gets done in filmmaking without a good team,” she added.

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