20% of population using 5G

The city has over 20% of cellphone users using 5G service, said Lau Wai Meng, director of Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT).

Speaking on the sidelines the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day ceremony yesterday, Lau said she is satisfied with the progress because when “compared with nearby localities, the growth of the user size has been rather fast.” The official also said the fast-paced growth was probably due to the city’s small size and population.

In addition, pursuant to the law, 5G license holders must build a network that covers 50% of Macau’s area within the first year of operation. She said all operators had achieved the threshold and some had even surpassed it.

To date, CTT has issued two 5G licenses to CTM and China Telecom.

Yesterday morning, CTT held an event to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. To highlight the theme of the day this year, CTT organized thematic lectures about “The Driving Force of Urban Development: Innovation and Application of Information and Communication Technology”, and invited academic experts, as well as representatives from the industry in Hong Kong and mainland China, to discuss and share experiences on the topic.

The ceremony aimed to highlight the necessity of accelerating sustainable development in the places where international assistance is needed the most, tapping the full potential of the least developed countries and helping them make progress on the road to prosperity.

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