Xi meets Kiribati leader after switch from Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping lauded Kiribati yesterday for “standing on the right side of history” during his first meeting with the Pacific island nation’s leader

Elon Musk plans to come to Shanghai for debut of Made-in-China Tesla

Elon Musk plans to attend a ceremony to mark the first deliveries of made-in-China Tesla Inc. vehicles to customers today, according to people familiar with the matter.

Asian countries brace to evacuate workers in Iraq, Iran

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the military to prepare to deploy its aircraft and ships “at any moment’s notice” to evacuate thousands of Filipino workers

Thailand launches full-time clinics dispensing cannabis oil

Thailand yesterday opened its first two full-time clinics dispensing cannabis oil for medical treatment, a step forward in the government’s policy of promoting the licensed

US ambassador leaves Kabul, ends two-year Afghan tenure

U.S. Ambassador John Bass left Kabul yesterday as his two-year tenure as America’s top diplomat in war-torn Afghanistan ended. His departure comes as U.S. tensions with

Offbeat | Bye-bye buoy: Large beacon removed from Florida beach

A large red navigation buoy that escaped from the Atlantic Ocean for the second time was removed Thursday from a Florida beach where it had become something of

This Day in History | 1980 – Gandhi returned by landslide vote

The people of India have voted Indira Gandhi back into power - less than three years after rejecting her “emergency dictatorship”. When the last of the 196

In a 24/7 food culture, periodic fasting gains followers

On low-carb diets, meat and cheese are OK. On low-fat diets, fruit and oatmeal are fine. With the latest diet trend, no

Football | Real Madrid set to sign another Brazilian teenager

Real Madrid is about to add another Brazilian teenager to its squad. After signing youngsters Vinícius Júnior and Rodrygo in recent seasons, the Spanish club is

Hockey | TV mixup has Russian fans celebrating despite losing

Some Russian hockey fans were celebrating victory despite losing at the world junior hockey championships because of a confusingly timed TV repeat. Two state TV

World briefs

CHINA President Xi Jinping lauded Kiribati yesterday for “standing on the right side of history” during his first meeting with the Pacific island nation’s leader since it

The Buzz | German government starts 2020 with new strife over Cabinet

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition is starting the new year with a new bout of strife — this time over a conservative ally’s call for new faces

Seeking the cross: Icy dips mark the feast of Epiphany

Thousands of Orthodox Christian worshippers plunged into the icy waters of rivers and lakes across Bulgaria on Monday to retrieve crucifixes tossed by priests in

World Views | Good Riddance to Qassem Soleimani

Qassem Soleimani was never going to die peacefully in his bed. As It is a measure of Soleimani’s brashness that he nonetheless strutted around Baghdad in

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 – edition no. 3448

• The six, who arrived in Macau via three different flights in a 24-hour period, possessed authentic-looking passports and claimed not to know each other * Cyber retaliation: lessons from 2014

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