FASHION | Strikingly cool

The timepiece stands out not only with its groundbreaking technology but by a design and craftsmanship that set it apart from every other watch: The movement’s black plate guilloche pattern was

LIFESTYLE | Post-modern classic 

Luxury watch manufacture Armin Strom announced the launch of two new models of its ground-breaking Tribute 1. The brand’s post-modern interpretation of the classic dress watch was introduced in June

LIFESTYLE | Silky summer skin 

This summer, Aesop is launching a skin-supportive daily-use serum for city dwellers. Central to the anti-oxidant-rich Parsley Seed Skin Care range, Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Intense Serum is formulated to hydrate

Drive In | Handsome, broken Aussies connect in ‘Dirt Music’

Everyone is sad in the Australian indie “ Dirt Music,” a sprawling story about a small fishing town, an affair and the dark secrets that tie everyone together. But at

tTunes | Taylor Swift’s new album is strikingly heroic

In the years since Taylor Swift released her killer pop album “1989” in 2014, the singer has amped the production of her music, adding sounds including electronica, synth pop, R&B,

Drive In | Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King’ is supreme Black art

King Beyoncé’s new film takes you on a journey of Black art, music, history and fashion as the superstar transports you to Africa to tell the story of a young

The Art of Giving | Modern philanthropy and globalization

A virus that vanishes with some droplets of soap has put the world into lockdown, caused national health systems to collapse, created one of the greatest depressions in modern times

The Art Of Giving | Modern Philanthropy: THERE IS SUCH A THING AS SOCIETY

Half the world is in lockdown. For those who are healthy it is a good time to catch up on some new reading or to go back to classics of

The Art of Giving | Modern philanthropy and the great disruption

We are living in the times of great disruption. Yesterday the world was identifying a set of pressing global challenges such as climate change, reskilling, blockchain, A.I., and reducing inequalities.

The Art of Giving | Modern philanthropy: the love of humankind and social distance

Social distance” is one of the most debated concepts in international sociology. The term is extensively used today in studies of ethnicity, class, gender, socio-economic status and


When it comes to the very essence of philanthropy and its many definitions, associations (altruism, charitableness, bountifulness, kindness, humanitarianism, etc.) and manifestations (giving money, possessions, time, attention, aid etc.), we

Oscars 2020 | Big wins for ‘Parasite’ give awards night an emotional high

Called up to the stage again and again, Bong Joon Ho kept saying he was ready for a drink — “bloody ready.” But the Oscars weren’t bloody ready to stop giving


Coronavirus. If there is one word that Macau residents and the rest of China have been hearing endlessly these days, it must be this one. This epidemic has significantly affected more

Oscars 2020 | Predictions: Can ‘Parasite’ upset ‘1917’?

AHEAD of Sunday’s 92nd Academy Awards (Monday morning, in Macau), MDT/AP shares its predictions for a ceremony with a lot of locks but the potential for a few surprises. BEST PICTURE The

Management of Aretha Franklin’s estate still unsettled

A lawyer for a son of Aretha Franklin asked a judge to keep an eye on professional fees paid by the late singer’s estate, the latest jab in a dispute

No good vibrations for Beach Boys, split by hunting concert

One of the co-founders of The Beach Boys has joined a boycott of his own music to protest it being used by another band member at an animal hunting convention. Brian

Airbnb launches Bahamas sabbatical to help after Dorian

Airbnb is giving a few people a chance to spend a two-month sabbatical in the Bahamas in an attempt to boost the Caribbean island damaged last year by Hurricane Dorian. At

Huge, tropical jackfruit catches on as a meat substitute

If you’ve never heard of jackfruit, keep your eyes open: You’ll start noticing it everywhere. Jackfruit is a very large tropical fruit often used as a meat substitute. It packs some

Berlin zoo prepares panda cubs for their big day out

Two baby pandas born at Berlin’s zoo have been chipped and checked in preparation for their first public outing in a few days, officials said Monday. The zoo said the 5-month-old

Hallmark media CEO leaves, month after same-sex ad backlash

The head of Hallmark's media business is leaving the company after 11 years, just a month after its flagship Hallmark Channel faced an outcry over a decision to

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