‘About Last Night…’ captures whirlwind night out

“About Last Night…” Mabel (Capitol Records)

If you’ve ever sent a “So, about last night” text, Mabel’s newest album is for you. A follow-up to the English singer’s 2019 debut album, “About Last Night…” is a blend of disco, dance and pop that captures every emotion experienced during a cathartic night out.

One moment she’s confidently showing off on the dance floor with her new man (“Animal” and, ironically, “Shy”), in another she’s giving a bathroom pep talk to a friend (“Good Luck”) or crying in the club herself (“Take Your Name”).

Mabel rallies with “Let Love Go (feat. Lil Tecca),” only to fall victim to the emotions that stir when going out and seeing an ex on “Overthinking” and “Crying on The Dance Floor.” By the time the party comes to an end, it’s morning already, and there’s the question of “what now?” on the aptly titled “When The Party’s Over.” This wrap-up to a whirlwind night could be a metaphor for any exciting chapter of life coming to a close.

As far as takeaways from this album, while there is an awful lot of focus on ex-partner drama, there’s an accompanying fair share of empowerment songs that stand out like “Let Them Know,” an encouragement to go out and show ‘em your worth, or “LOL,” a delightful slap in the face for an ex who is trying to come back into your life.

Conceived in lockdown, this album is a snapshot of a simpler time and is just one of many products of female pop artists who have been able to create party anthems during a pandemic. Is that strange? Resilient? Strangely resilient? Jury’s still out on that one, but for now, maybe we can just enjoy joining Mabel on her night out. KIANA DOYLE, MDT/AP

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