Air Macau flight returns after captain smells smoke in the cabin

An Air Macau Beijing- bound flight returned to the gate after it took off from Macau yesterday morning.

According to information given to the Times by the Civil Aviation Authority of Macau (AACM), the case involved Air Macau’s flight NX006, which was scheduled to depart for Beijing at 7.10 a.m.  yesterday.
The same representative added that the aircraft “returned to Macau International Airport at 7.40 a.m., after the captain of the flight reported having smelt smoke in the cabin and declared an emergency.”

According to AACM, “the operator subsequently performed a check on the aircraft [which] confirmed that [the smoke] was due to detergent that was applied to clean the aircraft engines the night before.”
The aviation authority also mentioned that “the aircraft has [resumed] its normal operation from noon today [yesterday].”

Questioned by the Times, the AAMC also noted that, in accordance with the Mandatory Occurrence Reporting System in force, the operator [Air Macau] would formally file the case report to AACM within 72 hours of the incident.

There were reportedly 168 people on board of Air Macau’s aircraft.

The airport also reportedly activated emergency services, where a team of fire fighters and equipment was dispatched to the landing point, although this was a precautionary method as the equipment was not used.

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