Airport to take tougher stance on lighters, selfie sticks

The Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) is requiring the Macau International Airport and other air services institutions in the city to take a tougher stance on passengers carrying lighters and “selfie sticks” in their carry-on bags or on their person.

The AACM will implement the new aviation security requirements starting March 1, from which time aircraft passengers will no longer be permitted to bring lighters onto aircraft nor transport selfie sticks, camera/video recorder tripods or monopods exceeding 30cm in length after retraction.

Under the new aviation security measures, both the Macau International Airport and the heliport will prohibit the carrying of lighters and matches onto aircraft and helicopters. Selfie sticks, camera and video recorder tripods and monopods exceeding 30cm must be transported in checked baggage.

With the aim of introducing the new requirements to passengers through different channels, the Aviation Authority has renewed the signage and electronic screens with regard to the newly prohibited articles and dangerous goods.

In addition, the AACM has produced promotional videos that are now broadcast on the electronic screens in the airport and the other checkpoints, as well as on the television screens on public buses.

According to a statement from the AACM, the authority reviews the laws, regulations, standards and requirements in relation to aviation security on a periodic basis through the regular meetings of its Facilitation and Security Committee (FALSEC). The AACM will introduce amendments whenever the need to do so arises.

In addition to keeping abreast of international best practice, the AACM says it also pays attention to the specific needs of Macau and implements new amendments aimed at ensuring the safety of the travelling public. The new requirements to come into effect in March are to be implemented with the approval of FALSEC, having considered similar practices in neighboring jurisdictions.

To address the needs of smoking passengers, the Macau International Airport has installed an ignition device in the smoking room in the airside of the terminal, open for use by passengers who have passed through security screening and wish to smoke in the terminal before departure. DB

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