AL agrees with tougher construction supervision

The Legislative Assembly (AL) First Standing Committee President, Kwan Tsui Hang, has revealed that committee members have agreed that project management companies must supervise all future construction projects.
When discussing the legislation related to the registration of urbanism and construction professionals such as urban planners and architects in a meeting last Friday, lawmakers stated that the legislation has to ensure the professionalism of the industry and protect the consumer rights at the same time.
Kwan Tsui Hang noted that the legislation is stricter than the current law. “This legislation serves to protect the right of the consumers. The key issue is, now that people have spent so much money on buying houses, if the quality is not guaranteed, there will be a huge problem.”
Some lawmakers are concerned with the relationship between the responsibility of the supervising staff and the project management companies. The government will provide more details on this issue in the next meeting.
At present, only government and corporate projects have hired project management companies to monitor construction quality. If the legislation successfully passes through the AL, all construction projects, regardless of their scale, will have to be supervised by project management companies.

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