AL committee discusses insurance business regime

Yesterday, the Third Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly discussed the amendment to the insurance business regime for the first time. Some members of the committee noticed that the bill did not include compulsory insurance coverage for professional bodies, including doctors and engineers. The committee will also refer the bill to the government in order to understand the proposal of changing slight violation into administrative violation.  It will also contact the Monetary Authority of Macao regarding the follow-up of the insurance industry’s complaints.

Villa and hotels planned for Lisboa Garden land plots

Six land plots of the Taipa Lisboa Garden (Estr. de Sete Tanques) will be used to build standalone houses, hotels, clubs and residences, according to a planning draft currently being displayed. According to a statement released yesterday by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau, a batch of 10 planning drafts are being presented to the public until Feb. 25. According to one of the plans, the aforementioned land plots occupy an area of 15,431 square meters. The aforementioned buildings will be between 78 and 81.5 meters tall. The buildings should fit in with the mountain body and suitable greening measures will be taken in order to preserve the area’s environment, according to proposals.

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