AL election | Angela Leong wants Macau propelled by a responsible gaming industry

Angela Leong (left)

Nova União para Desenvolvimento de Macau, led by lawmaker Angela Leong, has proposed eight topics for their platform, ranging from economic to cultural development of Macau. Leong’s team – listed as No. 14 – has heavily emphasized Macau’s further development throughout their campaign.

The Times witnessed a recent campaign event by the candidate group in NAPE district, attended by Leong and other party members, including Leong’s son Arnaldo Ho.

Speaking at the event, the lawmaker and gaming operator SJM’s managing director stated that the diversified gaming industry and the full range tourism are the two new engines driving Macau’s economy, with both carrying the potential of building a new development phase for Macau.

The group hopes that, propelled by a responsible gaming industry, Macau can be shaped into a green, safe, and smart city with world-class living standards. 

Leong’s campaign also prioritizes the younger generation, including “the development of apartments for the youth, the creation of new spaces for Macau’s future, pushing forward Macau’s sports activities and creating Macau as a synergy capital.”

Leong’s group further echoes the call from various entities for free university education. The party states they hope to improve educational resources within primary and secondary education levels, and promote a “life-
long learning city”.

The group also emphasized their typical “Love the Country and Love Macau” slogan, stating that they intend to carry forward tradition, preserving Macau’s cultural heritage and tourism gambling culture, as well as enhancing the merging of different cultures.

Leong’s team also addressed healthcare, stating their desire to build a better healthcare system, as well as addressing the mental and physical health of the gaming sector’s employees.

Like many other parties, Nova União para Desenvolvimento de Macau looks forward to building a highly efficient and transparent anti-corruption system, as well as helping the government improve its administration and services.

The group also wishes to share the benefits of and pursue further regional cooperation with Guangdong province.

They also aim to contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative, the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Greater Bay Area cooperation and the China-Portuguese-speaking countries cooperation.

Apart from Leong, the party includes a total of 11 members, including Kuan Vai Lam, Arnaldo Ho, Siu Yu Hong and Jose Luis Pedruco Achiam.

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