AL election | Ng’s campaign continues ‛Macau People, Macau Land’ appeals

Ng Kuok Cheong, who heads the Associação de Próspero Macau Democrático (APMD) group (number three on Sunday’s legislative election ballot) will continue to pursue universal suffrage for both the Chief Executive and the AL elections.

Running again for the AL, Ng told the Times that he wants to monitor the government’s progress on some of the city’s long discussed topics, including the democratic reform, Macau People and Macau Lands.

“ The AL should have the right to deliberate over important governmental expenditures. AL meetings should be fully open to the public, and the lawmakers’ right to propose should not be completely restricted,” said Ng, who is currently a lawmaker.  “One of the important political platforms concerns the defending of Macau People and Macau Lands,” he added.

On the difference between his political platform and that of the other candidates, Ng noted that he has a deep insight into public resources management.

Ng confirmed that seeking the universal suffrage for both the CE and AL elections is the path he will continue to devote energy to.

He also noted the importance of educating the public because it establishes a sound groundwork for a society to implement democratic principles.

When asked whether he is confident about being elected again, Ng told the times, “I hope that both Leong Pok Man and I can be elected, but there is a possibility we will fail, which we will only know after we try.”

Leong Pok Man, who is listed as the number two on Ng’s list, is running for the AL for a second time.

“This is my second time running for the AL. In 2009, I was No.4 on Mr. Ng’s list, and I am the second one this time,” said Leong, adding, “I want to help Ng, I think his political platform is great.”

“I hope Macau still has development opportunities […]. In the current society, many politicians advertise themselves as if they are something. We don’t do this. We don’t use fancy words to promote ourselves, we hope only to speak honest words and we hope to do well on the policies we have been promoting,” declared Leong.

“We should protect Macau’s lands to let this generation and the next to have a place where they can live a happy life.”

Leong noted that his concern is not only about the land, but also about public resources. His team wants more funds to be invested in retirement pensions.

“We ought to be called gentle in terms of democracy, […] Macau is monopolized by vested interests, and there are only 14 directly elected lawmakers, while the entire AL is comprised of 33 lawmakers, which is unfair. We insist on two universal suffrages. […] Our first goal is to allow the number of directly elected lawmakers to exceed half of the total number of lawmakers,” said Leong.

Leong is putting his hope in the hands of the people of Macau. “I will try my best, and leave it to the public to decide. […] Even if I am not elected, or we are not elected, I hope that the Macau public can pay attention to our political platform, and support our democratic stance, and our Macau People and Macau Land policy,” said Leong.

Two cases of election violation forwarded to police

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has received two new cases concerning violations of the Legislative Assembly’s (AL) election regulations. The PSP had spotted the flags of a specific election candidate group mounted along roads in the Patane district. The candidate involved admitted and claimed responsibility for the violation. In the second case, another candidate’s propaganda posters were found outside a shop located at Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral. Upon questioning, the shop owner admitted to displaying the posters himself.

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