Alexis Tam replaced as TDM gov’t representative

The newly appointed Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, will be replaced in his role as the government representative in local public broadcaster TDM. Mr Wu Lok Kan, a member of TDM’s board of directors, will take over the position when Dr Tam begins serving in his new role on December 20.
Wu was named TDM’s new government representative in a general assembly meeting held Friday morning. He is a former TDM journalist and currently serves at the Office of the Chief Executive.
“Over the years, director Tam has dedicated strong support and contributions to TDM. We express our appreciation to him,” said Ma Iao Hang, president of the TDM General Assembly, as quoted by TDM.
Alexis Tam said he has witnessed the growth of TDM over the past five years. He is also confident that his successor will continue with the broadcaster’s development.
“[Whether it’s] the Chinese channel or the Portuguese channel and radio broadcast, all achieved distinctive results,” he said, “I believe the MSAR government will continue to support the development of TDM. For example, resources would be added in the future, such as for the building.”

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