Amendments to FDCT regulations to take effect on Feb. 1


The Executive Council has completed its discussion over the amendments to the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT), which is set to take effect on February 1. The amendments include appointing Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong as the chairman of the Fund and the Board of Trustees; increasing measures to promote the city’s development of scientific and technological innovation, and restructuring the advisory committee. The changes are intended to generate better synergy between the Fund and the forthcoming restructured economic bureau to foster technological advancement.

AL semi-automated parking garage not for public

The semi-automated parking garage built underneath the Praça da Assembleia Legislativa will not be available for the general public, according to reports.The construction of the parking garage is expected to conclude in the first quarter of this year. By the time it finishes, the garage will provide a total of 199 parking spaces for light-duty vehicles, 168 of which will be automated parking spaces, and 50 spaces for motorbikes.

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