‘Anim’Arte Nam Van’ opens


Seen by the government as “a new landmark for leisure, culture and creativity,” the space known as “Anim’Arte Nam Van” officially opened to the public on Saturday.
A joint project presented by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Sports Bureau, Macau Government Tourism Office and the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), “Anim’Arte Nam Van” is equipped with cultural and creative shops, an art pavilion, an indoor craft market and book market, handcraft workshops, as well as a graffiti display area.
The organizers have also planned special performances and activities, which will be free of charge. The space includes an IFT Café, which will temporarily operate as a training ground for students. The café will serve a European menu of snacks and drinks.
The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, officiated the opening ceremony. During his speech, Tam expressed the view that the new leisure hub “breathes a new dynamic into the neighborhood but also enables residents and visitors to unwind, relax and experience the beauty of Macau.”

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