Anti- Corruption watchdog finds ID worker making unlawful profit

A worker from the Sports Bureau (ID) was found to have overcharged a government entity when procuring supplies for his department, the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) reported.

According to the anti-corruption watchdog, they uncovered the wrongdoing after complaints were submitted to CCAC of illicit behavior by the civil servant.

A report issued by CCAC yesterday noted that they found the worker had allegedly submitted forged receipts to his department to claim back excessive compensation for the expense of supplies purchased from an online shopping platform on the mainland.

Additionally, the CCAC is also said to have found that he is suspected of selling old parts from air conditioners that were replaced by the bureau for extra profit.

He allegedly failed to dispose of the scrap air conditioners according to the instructions of his superior, moving the parts, instead, to a hardware store for sale. He did not report these actions to the superior, allegedly violating the duties of impartiality and obedience in the Statute of Personnel of the Public Administration of Macau.

According to CCAC, he may have earned some 14,000 patacas in total from the illicit transactions.

The CCAC has already referred the case to the Public Prosecutions Office for further investigation and charging of the man for document forgery and fraud, in relation to the forged receipts, and has also notified the ID for follow-up action regarding the unauthorized sale of the air conditioner components.

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