Arts | Blademark releases anniversary album

Veteran Macau rock band Blademark released its latest album last week, holding a press conference and an after-party with a performance by the band. The band also celebrated its 15th anniversary.

One of Macau’s most well- known, home-grown groups, Blademark has undergone several configurations, with team members coming and going due to various reasons. Currently, Fortes Pakeong Sequeira is the longest serving member of the band. He is a founder and has been the lead vocalist since then.

Releasing songs in Macau has not always been easy. Even though the band formed 15 years ago, it only released its first album, titled “Personal Era,” in 2009.

The latest album shares its name with the band, with its members explaining it “is the mark from all these years.”

The album comes with a book of poems and lyrics written in traditional Chinese, with translated texts in English and Portuguese. Ung Choi Kun, calligraphy artist and former lawmaker, has been invited to write the book.

The book, a recollection of the band’s memories, also features drawings and illustrations by Sequeira, who is an artist himself. Staff reporter

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