Association calls for family doctor scheme


Lam U Tou, one of the speakers yesterday at the Macau United Citizens’ Association forum, believes that the city will benefit from a family doctor healthcare system.
The forum was centered on Macau’s healthcare coupon.
Lam, the president of the Association of Synergy of Macao pointed out that one of the government’s original purposes in setting up a healthcare coupon system was to develop a “family doctor” medical structure.
However, as of today, no family doctor system exists in Macau. “More than 10 years have gone by and we still don’t have family doctors, at least I don’t have one,” noted Lam.
In Lam’s opinion, the Macau government should sponsor private doctors so that local families can have family doctors.
Lam indicated that the family doctor system will be the most efficient healthcare system. He believes that Macau’s healthcare mechanism favors the doctors but not the patients.
Another speaker, surnamed Chan, who is a dentist with his own practice, wants the local government to increase accessibility to healthcare. Annually, each Macau resident receives healthcare coupons equivalent to 600 patacas. In Chan’s opinion this amount is not large.

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