Booming cross-border travels in China in 2023

China witnessed a remarkable surge in cross-border travels in 2023, with a 266.5% increase in trips through mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau border ports, totaling 424 million. Mainland residents made 206 million trips, while Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents accounted for 183 million, showing year-on-year increases of 218.7% and 292.8%, respectively. Foreigners contributed to this boom with a 693.1% increase in trips, totaling 35.48 million. The issuance of Chinese passports soared by 1,625.4%, reaching 18.43 million, while travel passes and permits for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan rose by 1,318% to 86.09 million. Also, visa issuances to foreigners increased by 158.3% to 1.7 million, reflecting a significant rebound in international travel and exchanges.

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