Boxers looking forward to returning to the ring tomorrow

Luis De La Rosa and his Chinese opponent Zou Shiming

Luis De La Rosa and his Chinese opponent Zou Shiming

Prominent fighters who will participate in tomorrow’s Champions of Gold, including Zou Shiming and his Colombian opponent Luis De La Rosa as well as two-time Cuban Olympic gold medalist Guillermo “El Chacal” Rigondeaux, spoke to the media in a press conference yesterday.
Zou Shiming said that he is more excited about the fight tomorrow night than his previous fights as he is stepping into new territory. “I can imagine [how good] it will be [tomorrow]. So I am looking forward to it.”
The two-time Olympic gold medalist said that he has worked very hard during his training and has gone through a huge amount of exercise, and believes that he is well prepared.
Given that his opponent, Luis De La Rosa is famous for his knockout and power, Zou Shiming suggested that he will utilize his agility to avoid De La Rosa’s heavy punch.
“I will then find the opportunity to hit back”, Zou added.
The Chinese boxer claimed that since De La Rosa’s assaults usually come in a straight line, he will be giving the centerline to his opponent. “He has got power on his body but I will avoid him and won’t let his punch land on me,” Zou stated.
Zou Shiming said that his strength has been improving with every match, which he suggested is a way to adapt to professional boxing.
“However, my agility is my treasure. Hence, I am going to make use of my swiftness to deliver my power [to my opponent].”
He added that this fight against De La Rosa will be a test for him but he is confident with his current performance: “I must have confidence. No matter how strong the opponent is. You cannot lose [your confidence].”
During the conference, however, Zou Shiming’s opponent Luis De La Rosa told the Chinese boxer that he “should not be that confident”. He suggested that it will be “an interesting fight” between the two of them.
“The Macau Kid” Ng Kuok Kun also spoke at the press conference. He thanked Venetian Macau and Top Rank for providing him with the opportunity to fight. “Last year, I was a student, but now I am a professional fighter,” he said.
The Macau fighter said he is looking forward to the fight tomorrow night.

Sands and top rank work on establishing boxing ‘in a big way’

The president and CEO of Sands China Edward Tracy has said that his group and its partner Top Rank will continue to work on establishing boxing “in a big way” in the region. They are hopeful that the sport will further develop in China and support the aspiring local athletes. “Sports and entertainment is a big part of our marketing strategy here, to raise the level of visibility of Macau as a tourist destination, but also to bring more attention to our own brand,” Mr Tracy said. He also thanked Top Rank for helping Sands China to “catapult and accelerate” boxing in China.

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