Boxing | ‘The Macau Kid’ to fight in Hainan

Ng Kuok Kun

Local boxer Ng Kuok Kun, most popularly known as KK or “The Macau Kid,” is set to fight in Hainan in February, with a sponsorship from The Roadhouse Macau.

Last year, the local food and beverage outlet also supported the local boxer’s fight, granting him a cooperation agreement in a bid to support him with his training costs.

According to Richard Loughlin, General Manager of The Roadhouse Macau, KK will also be their first sports ambassador, with the local boxer promoting the restaurant during screenings of sports events.

“We’re trying to support him in what he’s doing. It’s great. There is a lot of support in Macau for general sport, but when it comes to an individual like KK, he’s been struggling to find support,” said Loughlin.

“We want to continue this support for him, he is going to be our sports ambassador,” he added.

When questioned by the Times for further details of the deal, Loughlin refused to disclose the sum of the cooperation agreement and briefly said, “It’s a significant amount.”

Meanwhile, KK unveiled details about his upcoming fight, saying that he had received an invitation to fight for the International Boxing Organization title in Hainan.

KK is yet to lose 7 kilograms for his upcoming fight.

According to him, he will be fighting for the “ocean title welterweight,” and his opponent will be from Thailand.

The local athlete started boxing at the age of 13 and has competed in a total of 12 professional fights.

Nearly in his 30s, KK, who is a coach at the Macau Boxing Association, said that he would continue to train fighters to represent Macau.

When commenting on The Roadhouse’s sponsorship, KK remarked, “I feel happy about this support because sponsorships aren’t too common  in Macau. It’s difficult to find a good sponsorship in Macau.”

According to the local boxer, he had also previously tried to approach the Sports Bureau, but implied that it was challenging for an individual athlete with no handler to be sponsored.

“I do not know how far I can go because I’m almost 30. I try my best to train and I continue my training by also teaching other children. This title that I’m about to fight for is the best yet,” KK said.

In 2013, KK had a chance to be trained by Freddy Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, at Pacquiao’s gym in General Santos City.

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