BRIEFS: 3 hospitalized after apartment fire

The authorities are still trying to identify a woman who was sent to hospital after being found standing outside a burning residential apartment in Fai Chi Kei in the early morning yesterday. Information from the Judiciary Police (PJ) suggested that the authorities were alerted to a fire in Van Sion Son Chun at 3.18 a.m. yesterday. After arriving at the scene, firefighters found the woman standing outside the shuttered wooden door of the apartment. The firefighters repeatedly questioned her before she eventually said that one of the rooms in the apartment was on fire. The woman, together with another two female residents of the building – one elderly woman and a pregnant woman – were sent to the hospital.

Officer  assaulted with flashlight

The Public Security Police (PSP) has taken a 50-year-old man into custody after he was alleged to have caused a police officer to faint by pointing a mobile phone flashlight at him. Information suggests that the man was involved in a traffic accident that took place at midnight on Saturday night. When the police officer was called to handle the dispute, it is said that the man became emotional and suddenly switched on his mobile phone’s flashlight, before pointing it at the officer. The officer then fainted. The man was immediately apprehended by the other officers at the scene, and was taken back to the PSP traffic commission headquarters. The officer who fainted was sent to hospital for treatment.

Authorities explain new noise control law

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) has been promoting the Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Legislation, which will come into effect on February 22. In a promotional event yesterday, the authorities specially reminded residents of the noise generated by pets. DSPA staff members handed out leaflets and posters to businesses and locals throughout yesterday’s event. The Bureau said that home-owners should pay more attention to the condition of their pets and refrain from locking them out on the balcony. They also organized a session yesterday to explain to residents the contents and implementation of the legislation. A police representative also asked residents to collaborate with PSP officers when they are handling noise-related complaints.

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