Briefs | 54% of F&B outlets record rise in profit


Data from the Statistics and Census Service reveals that 54% of restaurants and similar establishments interviewed reported a year-on-year rise in receipts in June 2021, a drop of 4 percentage points from May. Concerning business expectations for July, 50% of interviewed restaurants and similar establishments expected their receipts to increase month-on-month, a growth of 34 percentage points from June. The corresponding shares of Chinese restaurants (65%) and Western restaurants (46%) rose 56 percentage points and 42 percentage points respectively. Meanwhile, 62% of interviewed retailers anticipated a month-on-month rise in sales in July, a growth of 40 percentage points from June.

Vaccination rate of airport employees at 68%

The vaccination rate of all employees of the Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) and its subsidiaries has reached 68%, the company announced in a statement.
Macau International Airport (MIA) conducts a nucleic acid test (NAT) on air cargo frontline personnel every day. Also, all frontline staff in the airport must take a NAT daily, frontline support service personnel must take one every three days, and managers and back office staff take one every week. There are now 347 NATs conducted by various operating units of the airport every day.

Chinese OC opposes businesses registering copyrights with athletes’ names

The Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) vowed yesterday to help protect Chinese Olympians against the illegal use of their names as trademarks. Following their success at the Tokyo Olympics, several star Chinese athletes including Yang Qian, Chen Meng and Quan Hongchan had their names registered as trademarks in various market sectors, including alcohol, sportswear, and tutoring. The COC reiterated the rights of athletes and their legal guardians to pursue legal action against such exploitative registration of their names.

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