Briefs | Additional medical subsidy starts today


An extra phase of the medical subsidy for this year has come into effect today, the government announced. Each eligible Macau ID holder is entitled to an annual medical subsidy, which is currently worth 600 patacas. As part of the public economic revival scheme proposed, all eligible Macau ID holders will receive an extra medical subsidy voucher this year. When added to the normal medical subsidy, this year, all will receive 1,200 patacas for use at private medical establishments. The subsidy is valid until May 31, 2021. It can be transferred to an ID holder’s parents, children or legal spouse.

Returnee from UK arrested for drug trafficking

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has arrested a 29-year-old man on suspicion of trafficking illegal, addictive substances using common parcel services. According to the PJ, he had been residing in the U.K. and had returned to Macau in March. Under the cooperation mechanism, mainland law enforcement agencies transferred intelligence to the PJ, who later arrested the suspect as he was leaving the post office after picking up a parcel. The parcel contained, among other things, three small bottles of marijuana essential oil worth 2,000 patacas. The suspect told police that it was for his own use, which didn’t convince the PJ, as he returned a negative drug test result.

Sex crimes against children on the rise

Over the past four years, the number of sex offences committed against children has been increasing, according to law enforcement authorities. They disclosed that on average, 12 investigations were conducted per year and 14 victims were recorded. There were 24 cases in 2018 alone, however, nearly double the number in 2017. The victims included both male and female children. Protections for children have to be increased, as many of the offences were committed by people known to the children, including domestic helpers, family friends or even relatives. Parents should keep an eye out for changes in their children’s behavior and remain vigilant when communicating with them.

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