Briefs | Air Macau flight crew reportedly takes Covid-19 test every week


Flight crews working with Air Macau are required to undergo a Covid-19 swab nucleic acid test every seven days, an insider told the Times. The local flag carrier has been contacted for its statement, but no reply was received by press time. For the time being, only Greater China residents who have not been anywhere other than the Greater China Region in the past 14 days will be allowed to enter into Macau. All other arrivals are banned from entry. In the meantime, non-resident workers who hold Zhuhai ID cards are allowed into Macau with a valid Covid-19 nucleic test result and by passing Macau’s Health Code.

MPay app failure does not pose security issue

The MPay app failure that occurred on Monday does not involve security matters, according to the Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM). On Monday, the MPay app failed, rendering its services unusable. AMCM has demanded that Macau Pass submits a detailed report to the department within five days. The report should include improvement measures and a customer service follow-up. In addition, Macau Pass is also obliged to submit a conclusion report to AMCM within one month. The department shall inform the public about the handling of the incident. According to AMCM’s chairman Chan Sau San, the government does not rule out administrative procedure if there was any violation involved. Currently, the number of affected Mpay users remains unclear.

258,000 enquiries made on salary subsidy

The government’s salary subsidy online system registered around 258,000 enquiries as of 4 p.m. yesterday. Within 30 minutes of the enquiry system’s launch, the website had already received 12,000 inquiries regarding the 15,000 patacas income subsidy. At the Finance Services Bureau, only a small number of people were present to learn about this subsidy. For self-employed professionals and business owners, the online inquiry system will be available from June 11. The subsidy for employees suggests that eligible taxpayers will be entitled to a monthly grant of 5,000 patacas for a period of three months. The number was based on the median monthly income of employed Macau residents in 2019, namely 20,000 patacas. The subsidy is designed to cover 25% of the 2019 median monthly income.

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