Briefs | Applications for education loan interest subsidy starts

The government has officially opened applications for the education loan interest subsidy program for local students yesterday. The application period will run until December 31 this year. The subsidy aims to cover a portion of the interest payments for local students’ education loans. Eligible students are those who intend to pursue higher education degrees. These students may request a loan from banks that collaborate with the Student Welfare Fund. Once the loan is granted, students may apply to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) program to ask the government to cover interest payments to the banks. If the subsidy is approved, the department will settle 70% of the interest whilst the student is still enrolled in a school program. The remaining 30% will be distributed once after the student graduates from the course.

Teachers say exchange program is a ‘political mission’

Some local teachers reportedly disagree with the government’s strategy of introducing mainland teaching professionals on exchange in Macau, according to a report by Macau Concealers. The report cited anonymous local teachers who oppose the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ)’s efforts to promote “mainland excellent teachers” coming to Macau for an exchange program. The source commented that cultural differences make it difficult for mainland teachers to fit in with the Macau environment and that mainland teachers are not necessarily better than Macau teachers.
The local teacher also described the exchange program as a “political mission” aimed at introducing the mainland’s educational doctrines in Macau. The unidentified local teacher said that mainland teachers may attempt to change the ideology among Macau residents and render it more simlilar to that which is taught in the mainland.

Guangdong arrests 37 suspects of video chat scams

Guangdong police authority has reported the arrest of 37 people suspected of being involved in naked video chat scams. The Shenzhen police department identified the suspects from various places in mainland China, reportedly working in two independent operation groups. In total, the suspects made over 3 million yuan. The two criminal groups arranged their operation bases outside of mainland China. Members were divided into different departments, handling customer service, IT, and money laundering, among other tasks. Four suspects alone extorted 2.4 million yuan while operating scams across three cities in two provinces. The other 33 suspects were found in possession of over 300 mobile phones, having blackmailed victims out of over 1 million yuan.

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