Briefs | Bill of Taxation Code to be discussed in parliament


The draft of the Taxation Code will be delivered to the Legislative Assembly for discussion, as the Executive Council has recently concluded its own deliberation. The government explained that the Code was drafted to establish a modern taxation system that suits the city’s future. The Code aims to consolidate existing taxation laws and clarify related principles, duties and procedures. The draft Code has 293 Articles, grouped into five Chapters. When passed, the city will have six Codes of Laws. The city’s current taxation system was established in the 1970s.

private residential lease to tourists to be criminalized

The Executive Council (ExCo) has recently finished discussing a draft amendment on illegal housing, which proposes external entrants on endorsement valid for not longer than 90 days shall only stay at licensed accommodations. Residential owners who rent or host such individuals can be prosecuted. However, the ExCo spokesperson, André Cheong, responded to a press question, saying that it will not constitute a crime if the owners and the guests are friends or relatives. Exceptions will be levied on accommodations offered by higher education institutions, religious or non-profit groups on the occasions of related activities.

DSAMA helps stranded cargo ship back to water

The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) has helped a stranded 50-meter-long cement ship back to water for repairment in mainland China. As tides were high and sea was bumpy last week due to the two consecutive tropical cyclones, the ship was slightly filled with water, so the captain decided to carry out an emergency berthing at the beach near the Taipa Ferry Terminal. The two crew members were then rescued by Macao Customs. After Typhoon Kompasu left Macau, some materials were transferred to another cargo ship, which lifted enough weight for the cement ship to depart for the Mainland.

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