Briefs | New Portuguese minister played important roles in Macau

Eduardo Cabrita, aged 61, has been announced as the new Portuguese interior minister, replacing former minister Constança Urbano de Sousa, who resigned two days ago in the face of criticism related to the wildfires that recently hit Portugal. The final blow to the minister occurred over Sunday and Monday, when wildfires killed 42 people and injured many others. Cabrita, who is currently deputy minister, was responsible for the country’s process of decentralization, which Premier António Costa considered to be one of the “main tasks”. Cabrita was formerly secretary of state of Local Administration, and also played a role in the handover of Macau. In the late 1980s, he was a permanent expert of the Portuguese Representation in the Portugal-China work group on Macau, before becoming an advisor to the Macau Government as Assistant Secretary for Justice in 1988. Cabrita was also a lecturer at the University of Macau’s Faculty of Law for several years.

Taxi fare increase during typhoons suggested

Transport Advisory Committee member Wong Seng Fat said that it is necessary for the government to set an additional charge for taxis during typhoons, according to a report by Macao Daily News. Once the regulations are established, Wong believes the government should crack down harshly on such taxi infractions. “When taking taxis during these typhoon occurrences, [passengers] should also not expect to be charged the usual prices.” In Wong’s opinion, a basic additional charge should be settled first, with additional charges added later based on distance.

Si Ka Lon says Macau transportation policy failed

Lawmaker Si Ka Lon described Macau’s transportation policies as failures during his interview on a radio show. Si said because the Light Rapid Transit is still under construction, the public transportation network is unable to keep up with society’s development. He also said that he does not oppose a bus fare increase, but disagrees with the government’s current reasons for increasing bus fares. Si believes that when the city’s bus service quality sees no obvious improvement, the public will naturally oppose any increase of bus fares.

Cash declaration law to be implemented in November

The Control of Cross-Boundary Transport of Currency and Bearer Negotiable Instruments (CBNIs) will take effect on November 1. According to the new regulation, inbound visitors who bring with them CBNIs – such as Traveler’s cheques, drafts, payment orders or promissory notes equal to or exceeding MOP 120,000 – should use the Red Channel. They should fill out the declaration form clearly and proactively declare their CBNIs to Customs Services. Departure passengers may be subject to questioning by a customs agent upon request, or be liable to a fine of MOP 1,000 to MOP 500,000. The declaration range does not include gold and other precious metals and stones, or the transit travelers who have a layover in Macau.

UM to hold European Commission workshop tomorrow

The University of Macau, under its Jean Monnet Project, “Decision-making processes: Pedagogical simulations for university students,” will host a workshop on the European Commission tomorrow at the UM campus. The event, which marks the 60th anniversary since the Treaty of Rome, is the second workshop on the European Commission this year. The workshop will bring 28 university students in Macau together to learn more about the European Union and the decision-making processes within the European Commission. Participants will simulate a meeting of the College of Commissioners to discuss issues about Brexit.  The workshop will be held at the Faculty of Law, Building E32, Room 2008, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  The Jean Monnet Project “Decision-making processes” is a partnership between the University of Macau and the Institute of European Studies of Macau, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Sílvia Gonçalves wins Lusophone Journalism Award

Sílvia Gonçalves, who works for newspaper Ponto Final, has won the Lusophone Journalist Award, established by Jornal Tribuna de Macau (JTM) and the Portuguese Press Club.  The journalist won the award with a feature titled “Floriram por Pessanha as rosas bravas” (roughly translated as “The wild roses bloomed for Pessanha”), an evocative article about the 150th anniversary of the birth of Camilo Pessanha, which was published on September 8.  The feature beat almost 20 other works to the prize.  The jury of the contest noted the “originality of the approach and construction of the story,” with the winner being chosen in full consensus. The award – EUR10,000 in prize money – will be delivered to the journalist on November 1 at the Military Club during an event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of JTM.

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