Briefs | Chan calls for leaders to enhance legal knowledge 

Chan Meng Kam has suggested that the government compel its high officials to enhance their ethical standards, and gain legal knowledge. In a written inquiry to the government, Chan mentioned the problematic employment processes of the Cultural Affairs Bureau. Chan noted that current selection standards for government leaders do not concern legal fields, compared to the exams taken by ordinary civil servants during their recruitment, which include questions about the law. Chan has questioned Cultural Affairs Bureau if the government should amend regulations and open law training courses for leaders of government departments.

One borderchecking on HKZMB

The Chinese security department will be sending its staff to Macau to discuss the final plan of operations for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, according to a report by Jornal Va Kio. Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, disclosed that authorities from different regions involved in construction of the bridge have already finished all preparatory works and investigations on the bridge’s opening. According to Wong, inspection at the border gates will only require passengers to be checked once. People can complete the border-checking process by simply providing a travel document, which will then be processed by the region people intend to enter.

Bakeries required to stop selling fillets of meat

The Civil and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) has required 13 Macau traditional bakery souvenir shops to cease selling fillets of beef and pork, according to a statement issued by IACM on Wednesday.  IACM revealed that it has received many reports stating that some of the fillets from these stores had gone bad.  Since May 16, the city’s food safety center has been sending staff to conduct inspections in shops . IACM has provided the shops 60 days to make improvements in the way they exhibit relevant unpacked products. If, after the 60 days, no improvements are made, the shops would be required to stop selling these food products.

Customs office to be built in Q4

A Customs Services office will be constructed in the vicinity of the Roundabout of Tenente Pedro José Da Silva Loureiro. Yesterday, the Land and Public Works bureau received 15 bids for building the facility. The project includes a three-story building occupying an area of 1,165 square meters, in addition to an extra space which will be used as a parking lot. The construction period is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, with a maximum time period for construction of 390 work days. Three registered ancient trees are located near the construction site, as well as Ponte n.° 1 da Taipa.

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