Briefs | Chan Meng Kam to receive honorary degree

Portugal’s University of Évora will tomorrow hold a ceremony where it will bestow Macau businessman Chan Meng Kam with an honorary degree. According to the University, the honoris causa is being given to Chan in return for services rendered toward strengthening relations between the education institution and both Macau and China. It is also related to the Belt and Road Initiative, according to Lusa agency, “which has had a huge impact, being economic [but] also cultural and technological.” Chan currently chairs the board of City University of Macau, as well as controls the Golden Dragon group. He was formerly an influential lawmaker in Macau’s Legislative Assembly, stepping down prior to the 2017 elections.

Health Bureau to monitor unauthorized products

The Macau government has notified in a statement that two healthcare products detected in Hong Kong to contain unauthorized Western medicinal substances were never permitted for import into the MSAR. The two products, “LegStep” and “Bello Smaze”, were found to contain substances such as the appetite-suppressant drug sibutramine. The government in the neighboring region has appealed to residents not to buy or consume these products. The products have never been authorized for import or distribution in Macau. Nevertheless, the Health Bureau says it will monitor the circulation of these products in the territory. The bureau said that if residents have purchased these products, they should not consume them and must deliver them to the Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs of the Health Services for proper monitoring.

Fire Services holds Open Day

The Fire Services (CB) organized the “Fire Brigade Public Open Day” yesterday at the entity’s Sai Van Lake operations center located on Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, inviting residents to gain a deeper understanding of the Services’ daily tasks. Through a series of activities, participants learned more about CB’s coordination efforts, fire prevention work and emergency responses. The Open Day activities included a simulation rescue demonstration, as well as a tour of emergency vehicles and the equipment they contain.

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