Briefs | David Chow considering concession bid

Macau businessman David Chow has not yet provided a definitive answer regarding whether or not he will apply for a gaming concession, according to a report by TDM. While in Beijing, Chow was asked by the public broadcaster about his intentions. Instead of giving an answer, Chow said whether he will bid or not is a matter of both private interests and of conditions set by the government. However, the director of Macau Legend Development, Ltd. thinks that competition yields improvement. He also hopes that the government will listen to more opinions from different sectors in town.

Increased remittance limit to mainland proposed

Nine Macau members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have proposed a bigger daily remittance limit for the mainland. The nine, including Chui Sai Peng and Si Ka Lon, suggested that the daily remittance limit (currently RMB50,000) for the mainland granted to Hong Kong residents should be increased to RMB80,000. In addition, it is also necessary, according to the Macau CPPCC members, to allow each person to apply for an increase in the remittance limit within a certain period of time and within limits, if they meet specified conditions. 

CE election budget remains at MOP32m

The budget for this year’s Chief Executive election is about MOP32 million, the Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission for the Chief Executive Election, Song Man Lei, announced yesterday. The budget for the previous CE election was also MOP32 million. This year’s budget still has to be approved by Chief Executive Chui Sai On. The previous election had five polling stations, and this year the commission is considering only setting up three polling stations, however, no final decision has been made yet, according to Song. Voting for candidates of the election committee will take place on June 16, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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