Briefs | Decoration of Lusophone complex’s exhibition hall to start Q3


Decoration work on the exhibition hall of the China-Lusophone Countries Trade Cooperation Service Platform Complex, located on the underground level of the building, is expected to start in the third quarter of this year. The exhibition hall is about 3,100 square meters in size. This project will also cover the complex from UG2 to the first floor, comprising 11,000 square meters of space, including the exhibition hall, multifunction rooms, storage and back offices.

LPG bottle leakage on Istmo handled without injury

At about 10:45am yesterday near the Parisian Hotel in Cotai, some LPG leaked from its container as a truck was delivering the inflammable gas. The driver of the truck, which carried about 50 bottles of the gas, noticed white smoke coming from the cargo compartment. Fire fighters arrived at the scene and helped to unload the leaking bottle. They then sprayed water upon the container for nearly an hour and a half to cool it. The incident caused traffic congestion on the Istmo but no injury was reported.

Coloane residents group calls for refinement of leisure facility

The Seac Pai Van Residents’ Mutual Help Association sees the need for improvement of the nearby facility. For example, it noted that although there are zebra crossings between the Seac Pai Van government housing and the Seac Pai Van Reservoir Promenade, extra signals should be installed as vehicles normally travel at a higher speed there. Extra washrooms should also be constructed, as the group foresees great demand when the promenade opens. The group also hopes that more shelters might be built in case of sudden rainfall.

Association hopes gov’t can consolidate public service points

The General Union of Macau Residents Association hopes that the government can open the new office building near Waldo Hotel and designate office space to homogenous bureaus in order to provide more convenient services to residents. Moreover, it will also improve operational efficiency. According to the group, the problems associated with government rental of private office space include the spending of public funds and the taking of parking spaces. The group also asks the government to create additional parking spaces in the future political and judicial district.

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