Briefs | DSF claims big disputes regarding vacancy tax

The Financial Services Bureau (DSF) has stated that the situation with vacant residential properties in Macau is not serious, and that if the vacancy tax is levied, it will become necessary to obtain a social consensus on a number of technical issues first. In its reply to lawmaker Agnes Lam’s inquiry, the DSF also said that the reality of Macau needs to be considered when deciding whether to impose a progressive housing tax on second properties.  The bureau pointed out that there are major disputes surrounding the definition of vacant houses, high and low tax rates, and how to block the use of loopholes in the law.

Tourism police officers lead to fewer thefts

The Office of the Secretary for Security says that cases of theft in tourist areas have steadily declined after the stationing of the tourism police. The number of theft cases has dropped by more than 10 percent in tourism spots. As of today, Macau has a total of 55 tourism police officers. According to Public Security Police Force (PSP) plans, the number of locations where tourism police officers are stationed will increase from 10 to 17, with the number of officers increasing to 80.

Young woman seeking SSM job shortcut defrauded

A local 27-year-old woman was defrauded of more than 1 million Macau patacas after she sought a shortcut, hoping to get a job at the Health Bureau (SSM). The victim, a doctor, met another woman in her 50s in a tutoring center, who claimed she could help the victim get a job at the SSM or in private hospitals through her connections. The suspect lost all MOP1.1 million defrauded from the victim by gambling.

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