Briefs | Eight nomination lists received so far


The Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission announced that it has so far received eight nomination lists for the September 12 Election, of which three have been verified and confirmed. For the time being, no repeat nominations have been found. Voters can check or update their registered details online or in-person. Meanwhile, the commission also announced that one campaign venue would be removed and two relocated. The Carmo Market and the Largo Maia de Magalhães venues will be relocated to Ocean Garden coastal promenade and Seac Pai Van Subsidized Housing, respectively.

Guangdong Health Code malfunctioned yesterday

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) announced yesterday that the conversion between Macau and Guangdong Health Codes saw malfunctions that same day. The PSP was in constant contact with the Health Bureau regarding the situation. The PSP has also deployed more officers to maintain order at local borders and maintained regular communications with the authorities in Zhuhai to ensure undisrupted flow at border checkpoints. The Macau Health Code prevailed briefly as a contingency.

HK goods reportedly taken Macau detour before export

Some local manufacturers have said that due to various restrictions levied at Hong Kong – such as the U.S. requiring Hong Kong goods to be labelled “Made in China” – some exports have taken a detour through Macau. They also revealed that since two years ago, certain Hong Kong manufacturers have returned or relocated to Macau to enjoy lower tax when exporting to the US. In terms of import, it was revealed that goods from Taiwan are still popular and retain stable rate of import.

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