Briefs | Electric motorbike battery cabinet rolls out in 3 gov’t parking lots


The Transport Bureau has permitted battery exchange facilities for a brand of electric motorbike to be placed at three local parking lots within the designated area for motorbikes. The parking lots at which the battery exchange facilities can be accessed are the Mong Sin Building Public Parking, the Mong In Building Public Parking and the Nam Van Public Parking. The bureau stressed that the cabinets are for battery exchange purposes only and have no charging functionality. User guides have also been posted on the cabinets. The bureau pledged to further progress similar cabinets for other brands.

IAM aims to finish design on ZAPE Promenade Phase 2 this year

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) is attempting to finalize the design for the second phase of the popular coastal leisure promenade at ZAPE this year. In a response to lawmaker Agnes Lam’s inquiry, the IAM disclosed that work commenced last year. Once the design is finalized, construction will take place in phases with the coordination of other government entities. The IAM will monitor the use of the shared football-basketball grounds at the promenade to ensure that use for each sport occurs in one-hour alternate intervals.

Crowds at Border Gate as 2-day PCR validity period kicks in

Yesterday the government reduced the validity period of negative Covid-19 test results, required for Zhuhai-Macau interaction, to two days. The move has resulted in crowds at the Border Gate as extra officers were needed to confirm the validity of tests and ensure that each traveler was checked. To ensure all travelers are notified of the sudden decision before entering the immigration hall, the government has displayed banners and is making announcements over loudspeakers before the Border Gate.

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