Briefs | Environment bureau collects over 17,000 mooncake boxes


During the first half of October, 17,500 mooncake boxes weighing about 6,340 kilograms were collected from nearly 850 mooncake box collection points, the Environmental Protection Bureau announced. The bureau has disclosed that they will be sent for recycling. In previous years, the bureau has taken the lead on mooncake box collection initiatives during and after the Mid-Autumn Festival period. Collection points were set up in residential, commercial and government buildings for people’s convenience. Furthermore, this year, the bureau received applications from 67 supermarkets for the Eco-friendly Supermarket Accreditation. A total of 150 have signed up so far.

Gov’t to review local aviation over next three years

The government will review the system for local aviation operations in the coming three years in the wake of Air Macau’s concession extension, Chan Weng Hong, director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Macau said yesterday. However, the director could not yet reveal how many local operators there will be. He stressed that the market would not be fully open, adding that the infrastructural development of the Macau International Airport is still ongoing. The director also said that he is optimistic about the prospects of Macau’s aviation industry, considering the privileges given by Beijing and the Macau government’s efforts to revive the economy.

Gov’t lifts quarantine measures on Qingdao tourists

The government has lifted measures requiring travellers who have been to Qingdao, Shandong Province in the 14 days prior to arriving in Macau to undergo two weeks of medical observation. The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre removed the requirement as of noon yesterday. Despite the change, people who have been to Qingdao in the 14 days before arriving in Macau will be issued with a yellow notification under the Health Code. This means that these travellers have to exercise caution in the management of their health. The relaxation of the medical observation requirement took into consideration the latest developments in Qingdao. The city has not had a new local case of Covid-19 in more than 14 days. The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre said that it is monitoring Covid-19 developments in Qingdao closely and will amend its countermeasures in a timely way if such a step is required. Health officials have also urged local residents not to travel to Qingdao, and for those who are currently there to avoid going to hospitals and crowded places.

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