Briefs | Fu Hong’s social restaurant helps train recovered psychiatric patients


Local charity Fu Hong Society has opened a social restaurant in Fai Chi Kei that serves Macanese and Portuguese food at lunch to help train recovered psychiatric patients and provide them with more opportunities to get in touch with different people, which will gradually rebuild their confidence to reenter the community. The restaurant provides homely Macanese and Portuguese delicacies under the instruction of a dozen of experienced chefs, such as Chef Joe Chan from the StarWorld Hotel. The organization hopes the restaurant will also warm diners’ hearts.

Ella Lei calls for better workplace safety law

After Monday’s construction casualty at the Galaxy Macau’s Phase-3 Site, Ella Lei, candidate for 2021 elections, issued a statement to call on the legislation governing the construction industry’s workplace safety and health to “raise awareness on safe management in construction projects in the first place through completing the laws and strengthening supervision and implementation.” In addition, her comments on lowering the possibility of workplace accidents are to rigorously remind employers and workers to practice safety, and use legal means to supervise safety measures.

Man sent to ICU after being punched

Two men fell into a quarrel over a female friend while having a smoke outside a restaurant in the Northern District. One man, a competition Thai boxer, punched the other man, who fell to the ground suffering severe head injuries. The victim is now being treated in the Intensive Care Unit. The attacker fled the scene but was apprehended by the Judiciary Police at a later date. The suspect is aged 26 years and the victim 25; both men are of Thai nationality.

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